My 10 Proven Ways to Help You Manage Birthday Depression


Is there any such word as Birthday Blue? Is it real? Why do people feel sad and depressed around their birthdays? I had all these questions when I started feeling sad and low few days before my birthday. Then I realized the words ‘Birthday sadness’ and ‘Birthday Blues’ don’t do justice to how we are feeling. Luckily, I did few things (knowingly and unknowingly) that helped me manage birthday depression.

Here’re the 10 ways how I conquered my Birthday Blues!

My 10 proven ways to help you manage birthday depression

Start the morning right

On my birthday last month, I felt so low I didn’t want to leave my bed. But I still dragged myself out, made a cup of coffee and went outside on the balcony.

The view from my balcony overlooking the community garden was refreshing as it is. But the morning breeze and cloudy weather helped calmed my mind.

The other thing I usually do when I’m distressed is take a walk. Well, you can go on outdoor running or hit the gym or just walk around a quiet neighborhood.

Birthday Blues are Real & Usual: 10 Ways How I Conquered Mine
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Exercise is a great way of relieving stress. It helps you focus on your thoughts and calms your mind.

I have always found a productive solution or at least a way to get things less messy is when I’m taking a walk.

It’s alright: Let it out…

Though I felt a little better after standing in the balcony for a while, all my efforts came crashing down when my father didn’t even wish me on my birthday as he was upset with me over my relationship problems. It hurt me even more as he is usually the first one to wish me every year.

So, I left for the office in haste and as soon as I got into the cab I started crying (silently of course). The tears started to fall freely and I didn’t bother to stop them.

I didn’t bother to get myself together. If anything, I started crying a bit harder, even though cab driver had heard me he didn’t say anything.

Trust me friends, after all that crying I felt a bit better.

Your way of letting it out might be different maybe it’s hitting the bag, cuddling with your pet, or savoring the tub of ice cream (my doctor told me Vanilla works wonder when you’re sad!).

Set a ‘sadness time’ limit

I kept crying the whole ride to my office. Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do that or feel sad or low once I reached the office. So, I set myself a ‘sadness’ time. It helped me get myself in control after a while.

Setting yourself on a sadness timeout is so much important either to manage your birthday depression or otherwise.

Thinking about things that make you sad, angry or depress will only drag you deep and make you more depressed.

So better to come out of that place as early as you can.

Talk to friends; it’ll be a big step to manage your birthday depression

Birthday Blues are Real & Usual: 10 Ways How I Conquered Mine

Talking to my closest friends always help me feel better about myself. So, while was still in a bad mood while sitting at office when my friend messaged me I took that chance and talked to him (more like dumped all my frustration on him).

When one feel sad or depressed the feeling that ‘no one understands me’ never leave our mind. This simple thought makes feel lonely and we feel more pushed aside by the world.

So, talking to your friends will definitely make you feel better. Call you friend that you feel the most comfortable with. Talk over the phone or ask them to come over.

Don’t be ashamed to admit it your friend that you’re feeling sad on your birthday. Don’t think that they will judge you for this because they won’t. If anything best friends always know what exact words to say to cheer you up.

Keep busy

Keeping yourself busy with things always help divert your mind from the negativity. And it helped me as well in beating my birthday blues.

After I talked to my friend, I felt at ease with myself, also the pile of emails on my computer screen helped my distract for a while.

One thing most women find helpful when they feel stressed is cleaning. Cleaning chores really help you focus on your mind on important things, especially when you’re sorting our wardrobe.

I’ve often noticed that sorting clothes help you sort through your thoughts, direct your thought process, who knows you might even get the answer for the problem that’s been nagging you for days or the situation you feel yourself stuck into.

Cooking is another chore that most women find therapeutic. Do what you love or what helps you feel calm.

Managing your expectations will help you manage birthday depression

We feel disappointed when our closed ones don’t say or do things as we wish or expect them to. It hits hard like a brick when we are already stressed or upset over something.

Trying to manage our expectations while dealing with birthday depression or otherwise keeps your stress and heartbreak to minimum.

I finally got over my disappointment when my dad called on my birthday around lunch time to ask me if I had had my lunch. He didn’t wish me even then as I was expecting. But I knew it was his way caring for me.

I then decided to let my expectation go and actually felt nice that my dad had at least called to check up on me.

Celebrate in your way

Are you a stress eater? I kind of am. A burger or big sandwich and cold coffee are my mood boosters when I feel sad, lost, bored, or any such negative feeling.

I also do window shopping. Looking at the clothes or other things I would love to see in my wardrobe actually makes me feel better every time.

Treating yourself with your favorite meal, or buying yourself a gift that you’ve been wanting for days actually makes you feel confident in yourself.

It could be another way you can deal with your birthday depression.

Well, my way of celebrating was going to the salon to make myself feel pretty and special!

Groom yourself

A massage or session at salon: the feeling of being pampered will get you out of birthday blues.

I personally believe a person’s true beauty is their kind and beautiful heart. All you need to do is wear your personality and that cute smile of yours. And you’re looking beautiful already!

But let’s face it ladies, everyone of us like someone else pampering us especially when we’re feeling sad and thinking so negative about ourselves.

And we all know a massage is a great relaxation when we’re stressed. And that’s what worked for me!

After a hectic work at office and all that grieving the whole day I absolutely felt relaxed when the assistant at salon started rubbing creams on my face and massaging my neck and shoulders.

With the touch of her fingers on my skin I felt the tension leave my body and mind…

Funny quotes & sayings always work!

I always turn to my collection of funny and inspirational quotes when I feel sad, uninspired or feel like life is just being too hard on me…

These funny quotes on love and life by famous celebrities especially makes me laugh no matter whatever the mood I’m in.

Beat your birthday blues by making special plans

Special plans with friends and family will help you manage birthday depression

Sometimes it’s better to take control and make special plan for ourselves! Spend a day doing your favorite things, friends! Whether it is watching re-runs of FRIENDS, reading your favorite book or spending time with your favorite person.

Don’t lose faith in yourself. You’re beautiful friends, and only deserve the best. Don’t let anyone including yourself make you feel otherwise.

It’s easy to get trapped in our own negative thoughts when we’re depressed, especially around birthdays or holidays. But don’t be ashamed of your feelings.

Don’t feel embarrassed to reach out to your friends and family; closed ones who understand you better.

Always remember my friend, even your tiniest smile is worth it!

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