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Let The Journey Begin!

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Hey there, I don’t know if you read About Me page so I’ll introduce myself and my blog here. My name is Vrushali and this is Travel N Book Blog my space of interest, my nook, or diary whatever you want to call it. Stories have always been my passion since I was a child. And my passion for travel grew as I started to visit more places with my family, friends and sometimes alone. And this blog gives me the best platform to share both passions in one place.

Here, you’ll find my travel adventures & stories, the places I’ve been to or want to visit, books I read (classics, new, bestsellers, and upcoming), interesting & inspiring quotes, and my favorite music (which might be your favorite too!).

So join me on my journey to explore both fiction and the real world. Your comments and shares will make my day. So do like, comment, and share because Sharing is Caring!

Let The Journey Begin - Travel N Book Blog

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Vrushali Rakhunde

Copywriter by profession, an aspiring author, and a curious cat! I love to read, write and explore new things in life. My only motto is 'Live life to the fullest!' and of course help other women to do the same.

Embrace the way you are, ladies! Follow your passion, grab the opportunities as they come. Easier said than done, I know. But I'm here to share my secret sauce of work-life-relationship balance as I get on with my life. I very much hope that helps...

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