Vrushali Rakhunde Portfolio Work Samples

I’ve experience of writing SEO articles and friendly engaging blog posts. I take particular interest and have a knowledge of WordPress Blogging right from purchasing a domain to selecting a theme, setting up a blog and website, and generating regular content. See a few of the samples below.

Vrushali Rakhunde Portfolio Work SamplesWordPress Blogging for a former employer

Blog content work samples

TedHair: One stop solution for wholesale Hair products with the best quality and extraordinary Services

Beauty and mankind, the glorious relationship has continued for ages, and curls and waves have only added the crowning glory to the alluring features. As the decades passed, people grew more aware of wanting to presume the beauty or adding more to it by changing their style. Hair plays important role in how a person looks, and so many people tend to experiment with their hair, getting it curled or straightened, dyed blonde, black or red, chop it to the chin or use hair extensions and now the Virgin Hair has given a totally new look to the whole hairstyle. With a growing demand for virgin hair, hair extensions and wigs, it has become inevitable for salon owners and hair distributors to provide their customers with the best quality hair products and that too on time.

So all the salon owners and hair distributors, pay attention as TedHair, the wholesale hair vendor is all set to give you the best quality hair products with their customer friendly services.

Why TedHair:

TedHair is a premiere hair manufacturer and trader with quality hair products at the best price. They provide hair products to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, beauty and hair salons, online stores and hair stylists with their extraordinary services and turnkey business solutions.

Capacity and market of TedHair:

Tedhair has a wholesale hair factory in China where they manufacture premium quality hair products and services around the world. They also have a hair factory warehouse in Atlanta where you can visit and actually see some of their products and get hands-on experience with their services.

TedHair product range:

Their hair product range goes from virgin hair, hair extensions and wigs of different style like virgin Brazilian hair, virgin Malaysian hair, virgin Indian hair, hair extensions with clip in hair, tape in hair, pre-bonded hair and different style of wigs like natural black body wave, straight quick weave bob,  blunt lace frontal bob and the list goes on. The new arrivals feature C part lace frontal Brazilian black body waves and straight, 16-26 Brazilian Ombre hair in both body waves and straight, bundles body wavy virgin hair.

So whatever style, type or colour of hair products your clients desire, with TedHair you will always be able to fulfil their demand without any difficulty.

TedHair services:

If you need an urgent delivery, Tedhair is set to deliver your order right at your doorstep before your client’s appointment.

Finding a wholesale distributor, which provides a quality product at competitive prices and extraordinary services, is simply difficult, but with TedHair, you can manage it without any hassle. TedHair will also help you with their support for creating your own brand, with convenient payment options and packaging.

So with the best quality hair products and extraordinary services from TedHair, gain loyalty from your clients, expand your business and create your own brand helping people in adding that glorious crown in their beauty.


Reverse Mortgage Interest Cap: Way to earn income even after retiring

After retiring from a job, elders face a big problem, how they would be paying for their monthly wedges? However, earning a monthly income is possible now with the Reverse mortgage. The reverse mortgage is a home loan for older homeowners, that do not require monthly mortgage payment, but borrowers are still responsible for property taxes and homeowner’s insurance. Elders can use built up home equity and the loan amount is not required to pay until the borrower die, decides to leave or sell the home. The interest is added in the loan balance every month as there is no mortgage payment on Reverse Mortgage. However, the current and future interest rates and the other costs associated with the Reverse Mortgage seem to be a big concern for the elderly homeowners. If you do not want to relocate to the smaller house after retirement, want or need home equity and are incapable to pay mortgage payments every month, the costs of the Reverse Mortgage is not a significant issue. In this article, we will see the type of interest rates on the Reverse Mortgage, and the other costs associated with it.

Types of Reverse Mortgage:-

            Currently, there is only one type of Reverse Mortgage is available, Home Equity Conversion Mortgage i.e. HECM Reverse Mortgage. It can be taken on your existing home or if you wish to buy a new house. According to the type of rate interests, you can go for either fixed rate Reverse Mortgage or variable rate Reverse Mortgage.

Factors considered for calculating loan amount:-

  • Borrower’s Age
  • The maximum lending limit Reverse Mortgage can offer
  • Mortgage loan amount qualified for any house
  • The cost of the borrower’s house determined by appraisal
  • Interest rates
  • The amount of loan if any, against the house

Fees associated with Reverse Mortgage:-

  1. Origination Fee: – It is the fee charged by the Reverse Mortgage lender to initiate the loan.
  2. Insurance Cost: – According to HUD guidelines, it is required to have Mortgage Insurance in order to ensure the borrower receives the benefits no matter what happens to the investor and that the borrower will not owe more than the value of your home at the time of repaying the Reverse Mortgage.
  3. Third Party Closing Costs: – This cost represents the services like appraisal, surveys, recording fees and mortgage taxes before finalizing the Reverse Mortgage.

Paying off existing loans:-

            For the borrowers who have existing Mortgages, securing the Reverse Mortgage can be beneficial in order to eliminate the mortgage payments every month. However, you cannot have both traditional Mortgage and Reverse Mortgage at the same time.

Cash Available to a borrower from Reverse Mortgage:-

            It depends on the type of interest rate on Reverse Mortgage.

  • Adjustable Rate: –

With an adjustable rate, reverse Mortgage borrower must put remaining funds after paying off the existing liens into a line of credit and you need to pay the interest on the withdrawn amount only. In addition, the borrower may receive a monthly payment, if they opt for adjustable rate Reverse Mortgage.

  • Fixed Rate: –

In this type of Reverse Mortgage, a borrower can withdraw only 10% of the principal limit, the remaining amount remains as home equity.

Interest Rate Cap

The borrower receives the payment at the end of the period when the interest rate exceeds the strike price in this interest rate derivative. Reverse Mortgage interest rate cap continues to benefit even after the fall in the interest rates below the strike price, which makes cap popular means of loans.




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