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What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality?

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If you love to read books you must have at least one (or more) favorite book genres that you prefer to read almost all the time. But have you ever read about book genre personality? Did you know that your favorite book genres can show your personality traits?

Do you find yourself in the classic section whenever you visit the book store? Do superheroes, fairies and the witches attract you more? Or you like to read and indulge yourself in a heartwarming romance?

What  Your Favorite Book Genre Says About Your Personality

Last week when I was listening to the radio station, RJ Hemangi (one of my favorite RJ’s on Mirchi Love) was talking about the book worms. Of course, books being my favorite subject I perked up a bit and listened to what she had to say next. Surprisingly she talked about some of my favorite genres: Classics, Fantasy, and Romance.

Classic fans like to know one person deeply rather than knowing several people on the surface (just like me).

Fantasy readers are the daydreamers (which I am) and quite adventurous in their own way. They are always thinking of what next adventure they will be experiencing in their life.

Romance lovers have a passionate heart and positive attitude even when you’re going through hard times.

All that she said was the exact things that matched my personality perfectly and I was intrigued and excited to know what the book genres say about the reader’s personality. And here’s what I found about book genre personality:


What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Classic Books

You read or at least want to read just about every classic available. You’re always found with the copies of Jane Eyre, Sense and Sensibility, and the work from authors like William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. You like nothing more than indulging yourself in The Great Gatsby. You cherish the simplicity of life and prefer to know and understand just one person deeply rather than knowing several people on the surface.


You like to read about the huge and complex worlds where your imagination can roam and wander freely. You’re the person happily getting lost in the world of Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and The Beauty and The Beast to leave problems of the real world behind.

images (77)
Fantasy Book Genre

You’re the daydreamer. You often zone out while at school or work thinking about what next adventure you’ll go on or what next big thing you’ll be doing in life. And when it comes to your best friends, you’ll always be ready to help them out and will never do anything wrong as you know how valuable true friends and true friendship are after reading Harry Potter series.

Historical fiction

images (76)
Historical Fiction

You’re a great fan of fiction but you also love to know facts. You don’t like surprises that much. As an observer, you like to watch and observe people.

You enjoy listening to your friends and family telling stories about their past.

Romance Book Genre Personality

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Romance Book Genre

For you, no book is better without a powerful love story in it. You find yourself getting lost in the heartwarming story of P. S. I Love You and the erotic romance of Christian and Anna in Fifty Shades of Grey. You like being pampered and appreciated(well we all do!).

Being passionate you always make extra efforts to make the person you love happy and satisfied. You have a positive attitude towards life and never lose hope even in your hard times.


images (81)
Horror / Thriller Book Genre

Of course, I don’t need to point this out, this book genre personality doesn’t get scared easily. Your friends know you as the risk-taker. No wonder you are the first one in your group standing in line for the wildest rides. You’re a passionate storyteller, and your friends always know that when you start telling the story, it’s going to haunt you for the next couple days.

Mystery book genre personality

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Mystery Book Genre

If you love mysteries you must have your mind running ahead while reading books trying to solve the mystery before the writer reveals everything. You think life is the biggest mystery and you tend to search for bigger meanings even in small things. You’re a quieter person and that’s because you enjoy yourself being a mystery and keep your life private.

Nonfiction/ Memoire

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Memoir / Nonfiction Book Genre

You’re always looking for the new autobiographies and memoirs. You like to know and find new ways to improve yourself from others’ life stories. You are always collecting all the knowledge you can and you secretly wish for the opportunity when you get to do things grand and live life worth telling a story.

Young Adult book genre personality

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Young Adult Book Genre

From The Fault in Our Stars to Paper Towns you’re always searching for the newest YA recommendations and releases. You’re young at heart, curious person among the group always trying to know and learn new things. Here’s what I like the most about YA reader’s personality- you’re independent and proudly accept both your success and failure.  You’re the person always in tune with your feelings and emotions.


What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Bestselling Books

You always like to be on top and know the latest updates and facts. You’re the perfect party tattler as you always have tons of interesting facts and tidbits to tell.

Only magazines (no books)

What Your Favorite Book Genre Says About You - Travel N Book Blog
Magazine Readers

Although you don’t want to accept you are always going through the magazines for the brand new HD images though you say you are reading an article! You like to know about the facts fast. You prefer to keep things on the go in all parts of your life.

My favorite book genres are classics, romance, fantasy, YA, and mystery. Well, you might have known thing or two about my personality by now.

What’s your favorite book genre or genres? What your favorite book genres say about you? Do you agree with what your favorite book genres say about you?

Share your thought in the comment section below.

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